Sunday, July 22, 2007

One more Harry Potter post before I get back to the real world.

I have finished. Of course, I won't be discussing it. I'll wait until more people have read it. What's best is that I made it without hearing any spoilers. There was a moment when I was worried that it was going to be ruined for me.
When I was standing in line at 11:30 some jackass drove by and rolled down his window. Then he yelled that someone died. Of course, rather than be devastated, everyone in line broke out in laughter. One, because he said the name wrong and also because that person died in the last book. So whether he meant to ruin it for us or just thought he was funny, it didn't matter because I avoided the ruiners. I hope everyone else was just as lucky.
I will say that while it is not at all happy( I'm sure it's no secret people die in this book), I felt okay with what happened because it just needed to happen to show the severity of the situation. There's no point in fighting the ultimate evil if everyone can just live happily ever after regardless.

I'll reread it again. This time I will take my time and won't put most of my life on hold. And even though it seems Pottermania is over, I'm sure in the years to come the obsession will come with more movies, the planned theme park, conventions will pop-up similar to Star Wars and Star Trek, fan fiction will be everywhere, books about theories and studies will be around. And of course the toys and the collectibles will be out there. So it's not really over, not for the true fans. And, maybe, we'll find out the things that J.K. Rowling knew but never told us.

When I read the last sentence of the book I said goodbye to a part of my life. Something I enjoyed and anticipated for a good part of my life. No matter what, I'll never step back into Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and Hermione for a new adventure again.


tiffany said...

oh my god, i just know that i'm going to end up at a potter convention.
and i'm going to like it.

D.B. Echo said...

Wow. I just finished it - 6:52 PM 7/23/07!

Ian Castruita said...
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Ian Castruita said...

Typos in the first comment...anywho...

I know that Rowling said she wasn't going to write any more Harry Potter books, but I hope she finds a way to write more books in the same world as Harry.

Ian Castruita said...

I meant typos in my first comment BTW...not Tiffanys!

I think I'm just going to shut up now!