Monday, July 23, 2007

I have moved on for now so no Harry Potter but there's Kreeg, Batman, Snoopy, Family Guy and Behind the Naugahyde

Well I've got to move on with my life and my own work so for the first time in a few months I will be blogging with no mention of Harry Potter, other than to say that I won't be mentioning it.

Now that I've got that out of the way. I've been slacking off due to other things I said I wouldn't be mentioning so I've really got nothing to say about what I've been writing but I feel I should post because I hate going too long without posting. Since it's Friday I decided I would do a pointless yet possibly mildly amusing Friday Five.

Friday Five: The five weirdest searches that have brought someone to my blog.

I don't really get very cool searches like other people I know. I think this is my caused by my not mentioning enough body parts. It could also be that my blog is rather boring and only interesting to me. But the following are the craziest I've found since starting my site meter.
Before I get to the craziest but not really that crazy search topics, I will say that the searches I get most often in some form or another are people looking for 'ways to get ink off of paper', Snoopy writing/rejection comic strips and the Stewie to Bryan "how's that novel comin'" episode of Family Guy.
I don't have any of those Snoopy comics on here but I'll look into it. Also, I don't have the actual episode of Family Guy available for viewing but I do have the dialogue about the novel progress. And if anyone ever figures out how to get ink off paper, and it doesn't involve those crappy ink erasers that wear a hole in the paper, please let me know so that people's search can end here.
In short, if you're looking for the comic strips, to watch the episode or need to get ink off of paper, you're in the wrong place because I can't help you. But I'll work on it.

And now...

Friday Five (in no particular order):

crazy shoe stores in Michigan-I'm pretty sure this person was looking for stores that sold crazy shoes but I like to think that this person is trying to figure out what crazy shoe store inspired Behind the Naugahyde.

allergic reactions to ink on paper- I'm not entirely sure that this is all that weird. True, my blog doesn't actually talk about ink being on paper. It's just a name I gave my blog because I am a writer who occasionally puts ink on paper. Well, it's more often words on a monitor or something. Anyway, what I do find to be weird is that someone is having an allergic reaction to ink on paper. Not paper or ink but the combination of ink being on paper. Or maybe it's a metaphorical allergic reaction to words that were put on paper by ink.

"Lansing Community College" vampire graduate- To be honest I have no idea what this could possibly mean. Yes, I have attended LCC but I have never heard any rumors of a vampire graduating. To my knowledge vampires do not exist. Of course, there are people who claim to be vampires but are not in fact the immortal vampires that everyone thinks of. So maybe they were looking for someone like that. No clue but it is unusual.

sci-fi short story about evil squirrels- During a post about scary hotels I mentioned my dog, Kreeg, saving me from evil squirrels and then in the comments it started to develop into a story idea by D.B. Echo. If they were looking for a story about evil squirrels perhaps they can talk him into writing it. However, if they were checking to make sure that no one else had written such a story, I'm not sure about others, but I have not. And there are no plans in the works on my part but you may want to check with D.B.Echo .

someone who would get invited to Batman's wedding- I imagine that a lot of superheroes would be there. Obviously, all the Batfamily, Alfred, possibly a bunch of socialites if he got married as Bruce Wayne and not Batman. The list of potential guest is just too vast, especially knowing that Bruce Wayne would have enough money to invite a ton of people.
I am going to hope that this person's search was directed here because Google thinks that I am a person likely to be on the guest list. I'm not sure if that really says anything about me or my blog other than that I just mentioned the right random combination of words, but I'm going to pretend that my writing and insight are so awesome that Batman would want to be my friend and invite me to his wedding.

And now that I have some of the crazy out of my system I am going to go write, edit and submit some work so that hopefully my next post will be a report about all the work I got done.


jenni said...

This is one of the funniest posts I think I've ever read. That site meter is priceless! LOL

Ashley said...

Thanks Jenni! Glad to hear someone finds me funny.

Although I don't post there often I think I might put a site meter on my live journal since that's where all the crazy stories about my family are. I'm curious how many people out there are searching for stories about turkey thievery!

jenni said...

I have bad news. I did a preliminary search on 'turkey thievery' just to check and your LJ didn't even come up on the first page! You're going to have to add more crazy family stories if you want to make it to the number one search spot LOL ;)

Ashley said...

Now that I think about it turkey theft is probably pretty common. Live turkeys from farms, frozen from grocery stores.
In my story, it's more the circumstances of the turkey thievery that are unusual but I'm not entirely sure what search words would lead to a page about a father trying to steal his daughter's turkey. (that's why I should get the site meter, to answer this question)
Hmm... Or maybe that's pretty common too and my family is normal after all!

D.B. Echo said...

Actually, most of the results I am seeing on Google for "turkey theivery" are for this entry from Ink On Paper:

"The Turkey Thief" would make a good short story...or maybe a play along the lines of "Long Day's Journey Into Night". Ashley, you have a superabundance of story material to draw upon! I could see it now: a whole book composed of interconnected short stories, something like Dubliners but funnier, or like Trainspotting (the book, not the movie) minus the heroin.

D.B. Echo said...

Sigh. Tomorrow is Joanne Rowling's birthday. She'll be 42 - which means she was a hell of a lot younger than I am now when the first Harry Potter book was published.

It's also Harry Potter's 27th birthday!

Ashley said...

I'll have to add the turkey thievery story to my list of projects.
I've also got some great buffet stories with my parents that would go well along side the turkey story. Maybe food and family could be the theme.

jenni said...

David Sedaris has a family-ish themed book (or several?). You could read the one about corduroy and blue jeans for inspiration. Actually, I will check to see if I still own it and send it your way if so.

Ashley said...

Jenni- I was totally thinking of Dave Sedaris. I read "Naked", which had a few stories about his family but I hear "Dress your family in denim in corduroy(sp?) is all about his crazy family stories. I'd love to read it if you have it! Thanks a bunch.

D.B. Echo said...

You know, I was just thinking about all those searches for "how to get ink off paper". I wonder if they could be people attempting to engaging in check washing fraud? If so...well, that's a little like trying to learn about "money laundering" by looking it up in the dictionary!

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