Wednesday, February 01, 2006

They didn't hate it(I think).

Okay I'm all right. My class didn't hate the story. They were all debating whether or not the character is crazy or has an incredibly cool power. They wanted me to tell them, but I'm not even sure yet. That's what happens when you don't finish a story. Maybe I can find some way to make it both or to leave it for the reader to interpret and debate. Either way the class not absolutely ripping the story apart was a bit reassuring. I was a little worried at first when the professor asked what people liked about it and no one said anything. Then someone yelled out that they needed time to switch from the last story to the current one. So there was no need for me to pass out. Generally it went well. Of course my professor is always looking for the deeper meaning of things and it's crazy but it's interesting. Sometimes I have no idea what he is talking about and I think he can tell that. Now all I have to do is finish it and edit what I already have.
The other thing is that there might soon be some news about my comic book. Don't worry it's not a huge deal but for me even small progress is exciting. I'm just that easy to please.

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