Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Due dates, and the true cost of submissions.

I'm not feeling so hot this week. Not that I'm ill. I just feel like all things writing are not great, but not bad either.
The first thing is I had creative writing again tonight. I have to finish my story I started for the last workshop. Plus make major edits from the revisions. I'm also up for workshop again next week which means another story by 5:00 p.m. Friday. The good news is I work better under pressure and it is practice for meeting deadlines. I think I can!
On Friday I got a sad letter saying I did not in fact place in the state finals of the LAND writing contest but "can be proud that my story was chosen to be one of two in my category to represent my school".
For brighter news I sent out a bunch of submission letters yesterday. The not so bright part of that news is directed at publications.
I get that you want people to buy your sample copies before submitting. It gets people to buy your stuff and hopefully gives you less junk submissions to look through when writers realize you're a children's magazine and they pen erotica. I also understand that each company is particular about submission guidelines such as margins, font, overly detailed or one line cover letters and so forth. Whatever makes it easy for you. What I don't understand is why they can't take e-mail submissions. Actually I do understand that it would probably flood their mail box and if their computer is anything like mine it would probably just stop working. It probably even makes some seem more professional and serious if they are willing to go through the whole mailing process. I just think it is such a waste of paper. I honestly feel guilty doing it and often struggle with sending out the things. Not to mention the ink, stamps, paper and other mailing materials get to be expensive for poor writers.

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