Saturday, February 11, 2006

Memoirs of the Man Sandal

Once again I wrote my workshop story last minute. It wasn't even finished by five. It was late. And once I again I rushed it. It made no sense. The plot was weak and the title was stupid. I learned my lesson. I'm starting my next workshop story as soon as I get done with my assignment one story that is due Tuesday.

My friend and I have started working on a novel based on our shoe store experiences. Why would anyone want to read a stupid book about a shoe store? Because it's funny. We don't just say we sold a pair of shoes. We wait on rude customers who want you to open the store early or stay open late for them. Then there's the sales associate who steals shopping carts. Not to mention the joy of selling the men's leather dress sandal (The Man Sandal!). And we don't just sell shoes. We go "Office Space" on our broken vacuum in the parking lot and do dramatic reenactments of our bosses most stupid moments. This description is not doing it justice but I'm excited.

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