Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Not looking!

Class was cancelled tonight. I did get on a roll writing my story and managed to get a good chunk finished and turned in. I actually like it. I also think since class was cancelled that perhaps my deadline for workshop would be pushed back. Giving me even more time to push out a decent story to redeem myself for the crap I've been turning in. Of course if this is the case I can not wait until the last minute.

Here is a little crazy bit of information. When I was middle school I took typing class but I was in my newly rebellious stage where I wore old band t-shirts, wanted to be in a band and stopped caring about doing well in school. So I paid no attention in this class and the teacher never tested us to see if we didn't actually look at the keys. I talked with my friends about the latest rock music( I was obsessed) and just typed looking at the keys; it was quicker. Then through high school I barely touched a computer. My family didn't have one and I was too busy working to ever do homework anyway. Besides, whoever wrote songs of angst on a computer?
When I got out of high school and got serious about writing I finally bought my very own computer. The one I still use today, parts of it anyway. And I type slow and poorly. I look at the keys and often mix my letters up. I've thought of taking typing classes to help me get my thoughts out of my head faster but as with every thing else it just gets lower on the to do list.
Having no idea how to train myself on not looking at the keyboard I decided to work on mixing up letters. So now instead of noticing I misspelled something and figuring I'll fix it with spell check later, I now back up and fix it. As I was doing this on my paper today I noticed something.
I don't look at the keyboard. I don't know when it happened. Until this morning I thought I still did. I glance down occasionally but this whole entry I haven't looked. How wicked cool is that?
I know it's a common skill but I'm really excited I've accomplished something. And to think I could have paid money to learn to do it. It's so awesome!


jenni said...

Hey! There is a typing shark game on AOL that I sometimes play for kicks. The same game is here, only not on AOL:

It's free and it's more entertaining than the old Mavis Beacon typing program.

Ashley said...

It's wicked! I checked out and spent way to much time playing it.