Monday, February 13, 2006

Mad writer

Okay, I'm putting off my homework once again. I have to have my half-finished story finished by tomorrow.
Once again I'm nervous about workshop. I really rushed and stressed to finish it so I wouldn't be the only one with a 4 page-incomplete story and sure enough the longest story of my fellow classmates is six pages. I'm not sure if they are finished since I've put off reading those as well. I don't know why I'm nervous about workshop. I've been through so many and no one has ever yelled "your work sucks, quit writing!" (although they should). Everyone usually has helpful and nice things to say. They are probably just as nervous as I am. If I ever have a successful writing project, and I have to face critiques and the fact that at least one person in the world isn't going to like it, I'll flip out. I need writer's therapy. Well I need some kind of help anyway.

Speaking of my mad writing skills, I'm taking mythology which counts as a humanities class, for my global views requirements. Today our professor gave us a mid-term and we had an essay question. We had to fill three pages and I had no idea what to write but I filled the pages by repeating this sentence in various forms. The model of a mythological hero is a child born with divine heritage, but is not a god themselves, who goes on an adventurous journey to perform heroic acts in hopes of becoming immortal. In other words I failed that portion of the test.

Today into the mail I got a rejection letter but it was very nice. The editor wrote a long reply, in hand writing I could barley read. It said that the story was good but not what they were looking for. Then the editor went into writing about things it made him think of about his life. He also gave me suggestions of where to send it and how to make it better. I actually liked getting a rejection letter for a change.

Our crazy book about selling shoes is underway. My partner (Jenni) in crime, writing the shoe story and in assistant managing a shoe store has been hard at work. I've been slacking off per usual. But we've got a good start and I think it's going to be a lot of fun.

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