Saturday, February 18, 2006

Faaa-talllll Ammonia and Rejection. They both Suck!

One employee is on vacation for two months, another quit, then one goes into the hospital. Needless to say I was at work a bit more than expected this week.
Yesterday was my one day off from school and work this week. It was my day to do all my writing.
My dad asked me to go to the doctor with him. The rather dramatic physician, who kept saying
"this could be faaa-talllll", sent him to the emergency room. A few weeks ago he fell and hurt his ribs really bad and now that he couldn't breathe he decided to go to the hospital. After a long and rather unpleasant stay that included nine hours without being offered food, a bed in the hall and my mom threatening to use the stamp in her purse for an angry letter as she insisted my dad had "ammonia?", he was sent home. He's doing well.
The down side is that I got no writing done but I did do a lot of reading!
I still have to work on the start of my story to turn into my professor on Tuesday.
Not to mention I am really trying to make some kind of progress on the book my friend and I are working on. I would like it to be a co-project. She's incredibly busy and I feel like I'm sticking her with all the work. Although I did get research done on publishing companies to submit to.
Today I got another rejection notice for a short story. It wasn't as nice as the last one. In fact I couldn't really read the editor's writing but I think they were suggesting I buy their magazine to get a better feel for what to send as my next story. As if I write stories for the lone purpose of getting published in their magazine. Of course I could have their intentions wrong since I couldn't read the flipping note. Their letter head was pleasant though. It read "Rejection Sucks".

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