Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nobody...is ever gonna bring me down

Okay, I'm done complaining. I had a great weekend that I got to spend with the most important people in my life. They all exceeded expectations in making my days. I am no longer giving up on all of humanity.

I spent too much time enjoying my companions and time off to get anything written this weekend, but I'm okay with that.

Now I figure I better mention my thoughts on Wicked before I forget what it was about.
I'm a huge Wizard of Oz fan. In fact, when I was little, my grandma, Dorothy, told me the movie was about her. I cried for days feeling so bad that she had gotten carried away by flying monkey's. I really thought it was about her and that's probably why I love it so.
Anyway, Wicked, obviously, didn't have the light-heartedness and childhood optimism the Wizard of Oz movie had. I've never read that book so I can't say how Wicked compares on that level.
Overall, I thought the book was good. It was an interesting take on the story of the wicked witch, who wasn't really wicked at all. It just depended on who's point-of-view you were looking from. And according to this book even Dorothy didn't think she was wicked, no one really did.
I questioned some of the freaky sexual behavior that was thrown in. It didn't really seem to be relevant to the story most times.
I have to say I liked the first part of the book, way better. The characters' growing up and at school were the best parts. After that it seemed a lonesome road that spanned way too many years with not much going on.

I hear the musical is quite different and it seems it would have to be. I think a few friends and myself are going to attempt to see it when it's here in August.

Now I continue with my Lord of the Rings trilogy. And I have another book lined up to go after that.

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supertiff said...

ashley: thank you so much for donating a little something to daniel and his family. i know money is tight for all of us (at least in my internet circle) these days, and it really means a lot that you chose to give.

i know you didn't put your name in the comments, but we know who you are anyway.


you are hereby entered into my drawing, and there's not crap you can do about it.

i don't want to be pushy, but it would be great if you could post something, too. maybe even just a link to daniel's blog?
i don't want to ask for too much, but we've already seen such a difference just from me posting something...every little mention counts.
at any rate, i thank you for getting involved. i'm hugging you through the computer right now.