Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Before Dorothy and Toto went over the rainbow

My mind was pretty much made up but after the swaying of Missy and Whim, I decided to definitely go with Wicked. And so I'm in the middle. I probably could have finished it in one work shift but I did other stuff too. I'll post a little more about that in a minute.
While reading Wicked there are some interesting points about good and evil and how they are different for everyone because of how each individual perceives things. This was interesting to me because I've been pondering an idea for a short story about whether or not taking money is wrong if you don't actually value money or if money has no value to you.
These two things intertwine a little bit and so I'm curious to see where this goes. Because so far in Wicked, Elaphaba ,the future wicked witch, is actually a good person and Glinda, the future good witch, is not so nice. Not to mention that the lovely wizard that attempts to help Dorothy get home is a bit similar to Hitler. So needless to say I wonder if there will be a turn of events or if it's all going to be about perception. Did each writer have different values that made certain characters good and others bad? Curious to find out.

On another note, I did do other things at work. Some work on my novella, which is what I'm now calling it since it's longer than a short story but potentially shorter than a novel. I know I could just name it but that would be to unconfusing.
And I did some submissions. No, I didn't write my long post. No, this is not that post. But I will say it's about submissions. I also have another post about my novella research and the answer another artist gave me about the first lesson in painting. Not to mention I will have another Wicked post once I'm done.
All to come this week. Stayed tuned!

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