Thursday, February 08, 2007

Saving and signing in

I never knew what auto recovery was or that I had it turned on until I wrote for two hours last night and then my computer froze. It decided to shut down Word and take all my unsaved writing with it.
After a search on the Internet I found out that there is an auto recovery option for Word files but I was certain I had never turned it on. Apparently it was set to save every ten minutes anyway so I only lost a paragraph. Yay!
And no the novel still isn't done yet.

I would have posted this last night or earlier today but ever since the new blogger happened it takes me a year to get on to the "sign in" page. It wasn't until I was on someone else's comment page where I needed to sign in so that I could comment that I figured out I could go right to my blog and post since I was already signed in from posting the comment. It's depressing to think of the time I wasted trying to sign on before I figured that one out.
All the time I tried to sign in and failed I kept thinking of the Slowsky's. Those cute little turtles that prefer DSL to cable Internet because they like things to be slow. I love them.

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