Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's kind of cold

Goodness, it's cold and I mean 5 below actual temp cold with a wind chill of negative 25. That's what I mean by cold. But I'm not complaining. I prefer this over the heat waves of summer. In fact it's the perfect weather to sit inside and finally finish my NaNo novel because I haven't done that yet. So close though, so close.
I did work on Behind the Naugahyde, which is kind of my Saturday thing. After working and dealing with loony customers each and every Saturday it's quite easy to come home and write about loony customers. I also re-read the whole chapter seven and sent some notes of to Jenni.
Today I worked on submissions and they were boring as usual.
That's been about it this weekend. I didn't get too much done because I had to work both Saturday and Sunday despite the advisory to not leave your house. Why can't they cancel work the way they cancel school? Oh well, I have tomorrow off and hopefully I will finish my novel.

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