Monday, February 12, 2007

A pleasant surprise

After doing my submissions yesterday I decided to check my e-mail one more time before I headed to bed. I was surprised to see Jenni had sent me her part of chapters 8 and 9 of Behind the Naugahyde! So I stayed up and read them. They were so awesome and I'm so excited about them. And I now I'll go through and make comments and fix the things in my part that Jenni noted. We're planning on finding time this week to plan the next chapters. YAY!

I also got a mailbox full of rejection today. One of the editors said that my story couldn't have been more depressing, however it was interesting but I should try not to use so many "thens". At least I learned something, right?
Well not really. I just searched the document. Out of 880 words I used "then" twice!


tiffany said...

how frustrating is that?


Ashley said...

It's quite frustrating. I would be okay with rejection if it was simply because my story sucked but now I wonder if they even read it and if they do they aren't paying very good attention.