Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My trip to the libraries

Yet another post, goodness. I actually don't have much to say about writing today it's all more about reading.
I went to the library today, well two different branches of the Capital Area District Library. Originally I was searching for a few sci-fi/fantasy books because I'm thinking of writing a science fiction/fantasy story to enter into a contest. I haven't read much sci-fi fantasy although I've watched a lot of it. And I did write an eight page script for a sci-fi/western comic once. Although nothing ever happened with that. Anyway, I thought I should read a bit but I couldn't find any of the books I had in mind and I'm really horrible at just picking a book by looking at it so I ended up with nothing in that department.
I did however think to ask if they had a copy of Hannibal Rising. There are 37 copies in the CADL libraries and only two were available one of which was at the second branch I visited but was the first I asked if they had it. The other was at the first branch I visited but hadn't thought to look and/or ask for it. What are the odds? I think there are like maybe ten branches, give or take a few. Anyway, I've read all the other books by Thomas Harris except for his first book that isn't connected to the others. I liked them all but was a little bit disappointed in the way Hannibal ended. I won't go into details in case someone hasn't read it but it did not end like the movie.
I actually bought the first three for a dollar at a used book store that was going out of business. This was long after I had actually read them but I thought I might want to read them again one day so I picked them up. I couldn't afford to buy the hardcover of Hannibal Rising and wasn't sure I wanted to so I checked it out. Maybe I'll buy it one day if I like it.
And I can't even believe it already has a movie coming out.
I also checked out the trade paperbacks at the library but there wasn't anything that I didn't already have that I would be interested in reading. I have bookshelves of TPBs and I haven't even made a dent in reading them. At least now I have something to feed my comic book need while I'm insufficiently funded to buy new comic books right now. I'll just have very little idea of what's going on currently. It'll be annoying but I'll be okay. I think.

Just watched: Heroes

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