Monday, January 15, 2007

Book search

Today I spent nearly an hour in a book store looking for a book. A particular book but not a particular book, if that makes any sense. It wasn't a book I was even sure existed. What I wanted was a book, preferably humorous, about people at work. And by work I don't mean jobs like police detectives because I'm sure that wouldn't be hard to find, although not necessarily in the humor department. I was thinking more like entry level or slightly above and in the customer service field would be even better. Off the top of my head I can think of a bunch of T.V. shows and movies but I couldn't think of one book. I spent today looking and even asking the store employees and I came up with nothing.
I'm not sure if that's good or bad. In general, that's what Behind the Naugahyde would be. On the bright side there's not much competition. On the bad side maybe it's because no one would want to read it. Although, the second option I must refuse to believe.

Anyway, I was trying to work on Behind the Naugahyde this weekend but my crappy note taking or the lack there of, had me sending an e-mail to Jenni asking to borrow her notes. I must remind her of one of her high school students.

Also, I'm trying to make Sundays my days for working on my submissions. So that's what I did today. I also got maybe 300 words written in the novel from the NaNo months that I'm still trying to finish.

Hopefully, I'll get a ton of stuff done tomorrow. I have the day off and there is suppose to be a bad winter storm over night. It's an ice and freezing rain storm so I doubt there will be any snow to play in. That will leave me plenty of time to stay in and write.

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