Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Getting organized

Why does it take forever for me to sign in to the new blogger? Err!

Sunday was my day off and I did get some work done. Thanks to the awesome hook-up from Jenni, I had everything I needed to start my 2007 submissions. I finally bought my 2007 Writer's Market which comes out way before the new year starts. It doesn't seem to be a waste of money since I sent quite a few submissions in 2006 and this one's got several new places I haven't tried. Also my 2006 Writer's Market was so full of marks, notes and highlights that I couldn't really make sense of it anymore.
I'm also trying to be a little more organized with where and when I send stuff. Last year I used a spread sheet to keep track which worked well but I added a few more columns that will hopefully have me writing less notes in my Writer's Market, in theory.
Now if I could just clean my office, I'd have an organized writing enviroment.

And it's finally cold and somewhat snowy! YAY!

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tiffany said...

hi ashley,
i wanted to let you know that i made a link to your blog a long time ago, but apparently it doesn't work.
so, i'm going to go fix it now.
happy thursday!

i've never heard of this writer's market book.
i want one, too.