Sunday, January 07, 2007

Songs to write by

I haven't posted in a while but I did finish labeling all my post!

Work has been really frustrating for me lately. Details would take up way too much space but I can say that lately I feel like throwing stuff at my boss which is never a good thing.
My therapy for this has been working on Behind the Naugahyde since it's about working at a crazy shoe store with an insane boss which is oddly similar to my current situation. What a coincidence?
My rage from the past two days of work motivated me to sit down tonight and finish my part of chapter seven. I also wrote a much too long e-mail to Jenni. I know I should have been working more on Behind the Naugahyde but it's those novel length e-mails that inspired Behind the Naugahyde anyway.
I've been locked in my office writing for a while and I've been listening to every Barenaked Ladies c.d. I own which, is every one they made. I like to listen to music that I feel fits the mood of what I'm writing. Their songs are mostly upbeat and funny but have lyrics that are still somewhat serious which is kind of how I want work to be at Sole Comfort (and hopefully that's close to Jenni's vision or we might have problems). I want it to be fun and crazy but still have times when the employees are angry and having bad days. I can picture the characters listening to the music while they try to get through the day. Whenever I hear their song Too Little, Too Late, the part
"One day this embarrassment will be behind me, that day I can think of things that won't remind me. These days it's unbearable...,"
I always think of selling shoes.
Not to mention that I love their music and have seen them three times which is a lot for me. They are awesome in concert and I honestly didn't care for them too much until I saw them live. Then I got it. They were so funny and energetic. It was hard not to love. And they wrote one of my all time favorite songs.
And I feel like an idiot because sometimes when I post my "favorites" on things like myspace, face book, live journal and blogger. I never remember to list my actual favorite movies or bands like the Barenaked Ladies. I always list stuff that I've just recently seen or heard and I never really feel like going back to change it. So when it comes to me you can never trust those list.


jenni said...

I wonder if Barenaked Ladies are on MySpace and you could actually be friends with them? Or, with their profile, at least. When I was on MySpace, me and Bob Dylan were tight, yo.

And yes, I totally feel that mood for the shoe-selling thing. But when I tell the stories to my students I make it out to be a very important job that was quite serious. At least, that's on the first day when I give my lecture about how it's important to learn how to write regardless of what they want to do in life - and then list of a gajillion examples of how I had to write even as an AssMan of a shoe store (words changed to protect the virgin ears of course).

I was just listening to the Barenaked Ladies this morning (or possibly yesterday, now I've forgotten) but it was their song about let's just go shopping and everything will be all right. Despite the fact that they sing it in complete irony, it kind of made me want to go shopping!

Ashley said...

They are on myspace but I've never asked to "friend" bands or famous people. I feel like a weirdo and all the comments on their pages are advertisements or porn pictures people are trying to get you to click on.

And I think the job was important until the manager/owner messed up like a kid that spills the ants out of the ant farm and steps on half of them.
But I don't think it's a serious job for the employees of Sole Comfort.

jenni said...

Oh for sure. I should have clarified. By the second week of school, the stories are nothing but bell swag, shopping carts, olympics and the like. No seriousness in sight LOL

I always kind of feel like the word verification is some secret message. Here's mine: weasls. You decide LOL