Wednesday, November 11, 2009


When I used to be a waitress, I carried around a notebook to write large orders on or notes about things I needed to stock. Most restaurants have gone to computers and gotten rid of the old school tickets. And when the crowd was slow or any of my tables didn't need anything, I would write notes or parts of stories, or really good lines that I heard or thought of.
That's just one example of how I've been able to fit writing into the jobs that I've had, even if it was just on my breaks.
At my current job there aren't any moments to jot something down. And I try to read and write on my breaks and lunch but since I'm only one of two people that could do certain things, I'm constantly interrupted. It doesn't really make it easy to get anything written down.
And then there's the people around me. The people who don't know what the word 'discrepancy' means. The people who don't read books. The people who say things such as "you so..." instead of "you are so..."
I guess what I'm trying to say is that if there were ever a job that stunted a writer, this is it. The only good thing is the really crazy things that the customers and the employees do. They could all make for good stories one day. I'll just try not to use words with more than two syllables.

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