Thursday, November 05, 2009

The closing shift

Today was my first day working the closing shift since November started. I feel that the days I close at work are the days I'm least productive at home. I like to sleep late and by the time I get up and get ready it's time for work. Once I get home, it's late. I eat, check my Internet stuff and then read until I fall asleep. It just seems the whole day is wasted.
So I was worried that today would be the day I started to fall behind on my grand writing plan. That didn't happen though, I just finished a part of my NaNoWriMo novel. It wasn't a full 1667 words but it was enough to keep me in the game.
And while I didn't do much writing on my project story, I did give the first little part to someone to read and got a lot of feedback. We discussed a lot of ideas today and if I weren't about to fall asleep right now, I'd probably stay up and write some more.
Tomorrow I have another closing shift but it's the worse kind. The kind where I have to open the next day so staying up late to write isn't an option(well not a sensible one). I hope I can manage to hang in there. Once I get behind on anything I fear that I'll get too far to catch up.

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