Saturday, April 04, 2009

Finally, something to write about

Okay, I'm back to work. I've spent this week writing an article about resale shops. Of course, I've been through a few computers lately, and I'm typing on a new one (well new to me) right now. And because I forgot to e-mail it to myself, that article is now saved on a computer that is not hooked up. So I would have to unhook this monitor, mouse and keyboard, hook them back up to the other computer and then undo all of that just to get the article. How's that for complicated?
I finished typing in part three of my short story Worth Something. I have writing group tomorrow right after work so I need to get my other group members' work read and make some comments. Eventually, I'll have to finish the end of the story and type it up for next month. After that I'll need to have started a new piece of fiction or else I'll have nothing to take.
It feels good to be writing again. I didn't realize how much I missed the release and the feeling of accomplishment. I don't know how I ever stopped.


whimsical brainpan said...

I think sometimes we stop our creative endeavors just so we can realize how much we appreciate them when we pick them back up.

A. Grey said...

Hey, figure I'd check you out right back. :) I appreciate you checking me out. I'm so new to blogging, considering how long it's been around. It's good to get feedback on my writing, haven't gotten much so every bit is important!
I can't imagine not writing, although sometimes I do cgo a few days without getting more than a sentence or two down. It's too much like breathing, but sometimes it's good to step back. I leave some stories for month before looking at them again, and when I do, it's almost like seeing them for the first time.