Thursday, December 28, 2006

Weird dreams

I had two of the weirdest dreams last night. Actually they were both dreams that made perfect sense not like crazy dreams where you're you but you're not you because you look like your great aunt Mildred's dog and you're at your house but it's not your house because it looks like the inside of a T.V. They weren't anything weird like that. I guess I would qualify them as weird because they were perfectly clear but they were both so different.
In the first I was me and I had just gotten divorced (little weird there since I'm not married) and I was trying to learn how to swim.
The next I was a police officer who was assigned to patrol a haunted hotel and I was running from the paranormal activity after watching it kill everyone in the hotel.
I have no idea how I ended up having two dreams so completely different during the same night. The second dream about the hotel made me wake up and I wanted to go back to sleep. I couldn't though because I kept thinking I really needed to write these things down before I forget because I might need them for a story one day.

Nanofimo: 20460 + 29438 = 49898

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jenni said...

Weird dreams are the best kind! :)

Additional weirdness, my word verification is "tyhme." I wonder if there's also "prasely," "sgae," and "rsoemray?"