Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If only

Well my plan was to send Jenni my part of the next three chapters of Behind the Naugahyde for her Christmas present. Unfortunately, three hours that could have been used for writing were spent with a DSL tech support person that asked me to restart my computer and modem about 500 times. Clearly 500 was the charm because I am back on-line.

I also could have spent the two hours that I was at the movie for writing but it was my vacation so give me a small break please.
I went to see Eragon. All I'm going to say is that I wasn't too impressed so please stop saying " move over Harry Potter."
I had read both Eragon and Eldest already. I won't say too much about what I thought because I hate to critique other writers. Although, I do get a little frustrated with these particular books sometimes. Not because they are poorly written, readers can judge that for themselves. It's just that the writer was 15 when he started writing the first one and 17 when he got published. An amazing accomplishment right? Well his parents own the publishing company. Maybe the book is worthy of all that it has achieved, I'm not one to judge.
I just think of all those writers that have struggled for years with novels that could have been some of the greatest literature the world has ever seen but they just never sent the right submission at the right time. Maybe they sent it to the wrong person, maybe it got thrown away by an assistant that doesn't know anything about literature, maybe it got thrown out because the format was against company guidelines, maybe they just caught the publisher on the wrong day, who knows?
You have to wonder what great writing the world is missing out on because the author's parents didn't own a publishing company.

Anyway enough crankiness. I'm continuing to make a dent in my novel but I'm not sure that any goals will be met before the end of this year. At least I was writing though.

Although I do have one goal to accomplish before the new year: clean my desk. I already lost the notebook that I wrote my character name list. It's a mess.

Nanofimo: 17710 + 29438= 47148

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jenni said...

I had a similar plan for my part of the chapters. Alas, I am no where close...

But it's ok, excellence takes time! :)