Saturday, December 02, 2006

Tougher than fiction?

I almost considered not posting today but I figured why ruin a good thing.

Yesterday was the first day in thirty days that I hadn't forced myself to write fiction. I did write though. I tried to work on researching, writing and a query letter for a few non-fiction articles. I'm not really into non-fiction but I think these ideas are pretty good. I'd like to get them published in a decent magazine so I'm trying to make sure that I not only write well but check my facts since I can't just make things up like I usually do.
I used to think fiction was harder to write because with non-fiction you really just have to lay out the facts in an interesting way. But now I realize that non-fiction you have to be creative at how you use those facts to make the biggest impact and you can't change the facts to make the story more intriguing. You have to work with what you have. Now I think both are equally tough to write.

Today, I worked all day and finally decorated my Christmas tree. I also kept getting side tracked by holiday movies, so this blog post is all I got done today. Everyone needs a little break though.

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