Saturday, September 09, 2006


The big news has finally arrived! is here! Jenni and I have set up a website devoted to our novel. Even though we haven't gotten it published yet, we thought it would be really cool if we had a website. Then we could send the website address to publishers and they could see what are book is about.
Tomorrow I'll be going to the 'Reading, Writing, and Rockin' fest' in downtown Lansing. I've made flyers featuring information about our book and the website. I'll be handing them out at the event. Hopefully, we'll get some people to check out our website!

Those are the crazy promo ideas I've been talking about. Once the RWR fest is over and we've put a few finishing touches on the website, it will be back to the business of writing and submissions.

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jenni said...

Ah yes! And I will FINALLY EDIT CHAPTER 5!!!

For crying out loud.

I have no idea how you put up with me...
It's because I'm cute, isn't it?