Saturday, September 16, 2006

Jump and pop ups

This probably sounds really crazy. When I get really excited about something I'm writing my fingers can not type fast enough. My head is way ahead of my body and I have to jump out of my chair and move. Last night I was really on a role with what I was writing. I just loved every thought in my head and it just filled me with energy. It's awesome. I know, weird but I wanted to share because there really wasn't anything else to say. is still really cool to me, especially now that we have people signing the guest book. I'm a little bummed. We agreed to have ads on the sight. It's the cheaper version and we're poor artist here. Anyway, for a while there were no pop-ups or banners and I thought that we were having some good luck. Well the pop-ups and banners are there now so I'm bummed that our luck ran out or was never there really. But the site is still awesome. Who knows? Maybe one day we'll upgrade.

1 comment:

jenni said...

The pop-ups are for sure getting on my nerves. I think mysite is trying to annoy us into upgrading. I might be convinced, too! LOL ;)