Monday, September 11, 2006

Flyers and the fest.

I forgot to update yesterday and give details of the 'Reading, writing, and rockin' fest'.
I made a flyer using the "about the book" section of our website and then put the sample pages from the book that I had previously posted here. Then I wrote a little blurb(featured below) about why we we're handing out flyers and had a website before the book was published.
Fortunately for me, Jenni caught that I had one minor and one major typo after I had printed all of the flyers. So that was not so good. That's okay because I went through all the flyers, crossed out the typo and wrote "obviously we need an editor too,' hopefully adding to the attempted funniness of the paragraph.

As for the show itself. It was cold, it was windy. Few people were set up to sell and promote things, even fewer people came to the show. So the flyers that were given out are probably still blowing around downtown.

Don't worry, we're not giving up. We're going to stick with the flyers. There is a huge college campus not far from here and several other places to promote the site.

Two struggling writers are creating a hilarious novel, Behind the Naugahyde, and all they want is to get it published so that their moms can buy it. They've sent out letters to agents and publishers from all around and while a few have been interested, they've mostly just acquired a stack of 'Dear Author' letters. To help their publishing plans along, Ashley and Jenni came up with an idea.

They made a website for their book, Behind the Naugahyde. This site features details about the book, its authors and notes from the characters. Now all they need are people to stop by, enjoy the website and tell the world about it. Then publishers and agents will check it out and say " Wow! So many people love this book, we have to publish it!"



Shawna said...

I got some stamps a couple of days ago that were superheros! I immediately thought of you and how I should send you a letter with wonderwoman, but alas, I don't have your address. By the way, I want to read Behind the Naugahyde! Do you still have my email address????

jenni said...

I love the part about getting it published so our moms can buy it. My mom is so geeked over this LoL! ;)

Ashley said...

Thanks for thinking of me Shawna. I purchased a sheet of those stamps for my personal collection. I still have your e-mail address. Jenni and I are doing some edits and then we're gonna have some test readers. I'll put you on the list.

And Jenni, I don't think my mom will actually buy it so your mom's gonna have to be geeked for the both of us (and buy two copies!)

crissachappell said...

Good luck with your writing adventures!