Sunday, June 06, 2010

What's new?

I had writing group last week. We changed our day from Sunday to Saturday. I usually use the Saturday before writing group to cram in my last bits of writing or editing so needless to say I was a little off schedule on Friday. I hurried up and wrote a short scene on my lunch. Normally, I hand write it in a notebook, especially when I'm at work, but time was short. However, I didn't want to save it on the work computer because those IT guys can be pretty crafty and I'm not getting in trouble just because I'm a creative soul. Anyway, I ended up typing it into an e-mail so when I did come home and copy/paste it into a Word document, the format looked a little crazy.
As if that wasn't enough of an issue, we were suppose to meet at 11am and by midnight I hadn't received the other group members stories, which almost had me assuming that we would not I overslept a little.
Of course, I woke up to find they had sent me work. I hurried to print it and realized I was out of paper. I ended up printing the stories out on the back side of scrap paper. It turned out to be an added bonus because the other writing group members could spend their time registering for charity walks and doing their taxes while I tried to read their work.
I should have already read their stuff before I got there but as I mentioned I was late. And I might have accidentally printed one person's story twice leaving me with no copy of the other person's story.
All madness aside, we managed to have a productive meeting. One of the members is going out of state for a week long writing retreat. Hopefully, he'll have lots of good information and stories to share at the next meeting.

That's what happened last weekend. This weekend I sent out a few submissions for my warrior nun story.
And I still need to type in what I have so far of my humorous sci-fi story and send it to my writing pal. I was suppose to send it at the end of May and still haven't done it. I guess I better get to it.

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