Sunday, January 04, 2009

What I should have sent to writer's group.

Yesterday, I realized that I had writing group this weekend and I had nothing to send. I took a section of my super long story because it was basically all I had. Of course, it was a chunk right from the middle so it didn't really make a lot of sense. And I hadn't written anything new so I hurried to type up another section that I had originally written long hand due to the lack of computer.
Everyone seemed to like my extremely passive and indecisive character. There weren't really a lot of notes about the story it's self since I've only sent two sections of a very long story and they were out of order.
Hopefully, I'll have something better for the next meeting. I'm not really sure that I was ready to have that story read by others. It's still incomplete. Although, it is nice to know that it's not off to a bad start.
I just now realized that I could have sent Worth Something, since it's practically done. The rear view mirror is always cleaner than the windshield, I guess.

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