Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's gonna be a Happy New Year!

Yes, it's really been over a month since I've posted. I'm sorry about that. I don't have the lack of computer as an excuse anymore. There were the hectic holidays keeping me busy. The shopping, planning, cooking, cleaning, etc..., but really that still no excuse.
Honestly, my absence has been for a lot of reasons. I became unaddicted when I had to live without my computer, so I didn't have that need to post. Another thing is that a lot of my regular readers, who are also blog writers, haven't been posting on their own blogs as much or reading this blog as much. And sometimes it's just discouraging to write when it feels like no one is reading.
Honestly, though, the biggest reason I haven't written so much is because for the last year or so I've been working on something. Not a writing something but a personal something. And I don't regret the sacrifices I've made because I feel they've been worth it, but I think I've been putting it before myself and I've been down that road before. It's not a good one. So my New Year's resolution is to not give up so much. It's very vague but there's no way to define it in terms.
Last night, I think I made some head way in getting something I want that will help with my goals. I'm hoping that works out.
My goals for this blog are simple. Blog more, read more blogs and try to get some new readers.
Happy New Year!


whimsical brainpan said...

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

supertiff said...

happy new year, ashley!

D.B. Echo said...

Hooray! Good to be reading you again!

Jenni said...

I check your blog! I'm totally inspired by all of this resolutioning going on :)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

The holidays can sure be like that. I hope you having a Happy New Year so far!