Saturday, November 01, 2008

I'm still alive.

It’s November 1st. The start of NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo. It’s probably no surprise that I don’t plan on committing to either of these this year. Without Internet access, NaBloPoMo would be a difficult task. And while I really should do NaNoWriMo, I just don’t feel like I can.
I have started adjusting to the new job and finding more time for writing. But I still have a lot of unfinished projects to catch up on. There is one significant change that I would like to make in my life that would give me more time to get things done but that change isn’t possible at the moment so I have to make the best of what I have.
The past two Novembers I got slammed with serious family problems. I hope that doesn’t happen again this year but I’m always worried about the possibility. While September through December is my favorite time of the year, it’s not always the kindest to our family.
So no commitment to either NaMo but I do want to at least post more than the few times I managed to post in October, which was twice. So that shouldn't be hard to do.

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D.B. Echo said...

I miss you!

From my reponse to your comment on my blog:

Pre-programmed posts are easy: When you first write the post, go into "Post Options" and change the Date and Time to whenever you would like it to post. When you hit Publish, you will get a message saying your post has been scheduled.

Doing this used to create a post-dated post that will stay at the top of your blog until the date has passed, which is useful in some situations. You can still do this by writing the post and publishing it as usual, then re-opening it in edit mode and changing the date and time. Your post will continue to display, even though the date and time haven't arrived yet. (This can be a pain if you're trying to do a pre-programmed post and accidentally post it prematurely - you have to copy and past your stuff into a new post with the later date and delete the original one to get it to go away!)

I'm reding Gene Wolfe's "Castle of Days," which is full of essays on writing and advice to people getting into writing. It's from 1992, and some of the essays are ten years older than that, but I still think it's worthwhile.