Thursday, August 07, 2008

Getting organized

Over the last week I’ve been attempting to pack or toss everything I own. One of the things that I started going through was my writing stuff.
I’m not sure how other writer’s function but here is my set up. I have a two-drawer filing cabinet that’s filled with files and notebooks. Most of my short stories have their own file. All of the novels have a notebook and a few files. Then there are other files with story ideas and other writing like old articles and reviews. I also have a few folders full of research. Oh and I can’t forge the folder full of rejection notices.
On my desk is my “current” pile, which is stuff I’m supposedly working on.
That’s my system. The other day I figured it would be easier to move if it was organized. So I started off attempting to file away my current pile only to realize that the two drawers had become terribly unorganized. I decided it would be best to pull everything out and do something with it.
I have to say after all the computer crashes and file losses, seeing all of these print copies and hand-written stories gave me the feeling of not being completely lost. It was nice to be able to hold my work in my hands. Although, I still had the worry that it would suddenly burst into flames.
As I sorted through everything, I found quite a few things I had started long ago and forgotten about. When I first started seriously writing, I had started a short story about a journalist who is trying to get a story about the mafia and somehow ends up in the mafia.
There was a nother story that I started a while ago about a mysterious hotel that seems like it’s paradise but is the exact opposite.
Obviuosly, the notes and thoughts I had about each of these stories are much more detailed and hopefully more interesting. I was really excited about both of these stories when I first came up with the ideas for them. I have started both of the stories just never finished them for some reason or another. I’m going to put them on my to do list not that I’ve really been making a dent in that lately.


Chad Aaron Sayban said...

That's why a writer should never through away anything they ever write. It serves as inspiration even if it never sees the light of day. I think your filing cabinet solution should work fine. I sounds like you are doing a good job of organizing things. A move is always a great time to do that.

D.B. Echo said...

Aaargh! I miss - wait, I haven't visited since TUESDAY? How the hell did THAT happen? - I miss visiting for three days and you do two posts!

I miss you! When do you move?