Friday, October 27, 2006

NaBloPoMo too?

I've pretty much decided that I am going to give NANOWRIMO a shot even though I have a ton of other stuff going on including the writing of Behind the Naugahyde.
While I was checking out another writer's blog I stumbled upon NaBloPoMo, which is National Blog Posting Month. It's suppose to be for those who are too busy to participate in NaNoWriMo. In this case you just blog every day during the month of November.
I'm actually thinking of doing this as well. I know that's a big challenge for the month of November but I think it's something I need to do.
These past months have been hectic and I've used that as an excuse not to write but it should be an excuse to write. A release of emotion and a break from the reality that is my life. So I'm going to set these goals for November and I'll push myself to do it.

I'm going to attempt to put links to my NaNoWriMo page for anyone that wants to keep track. Maybe I'll finally add my mySpace page too.


jenni said...

I was thinking I could totally NaBloPoMo but then I remember that if I Nanowrimo - no one will have to see it, but the blog not so much. And there's a lot of days where it's better for the world that I don't mention what's inside my head LOL

D.B. Echo said...

I would love to see you do a post a day! But be careful...I've been trying to post at least once a day for a few months now, and it gets addictive. Like, if it's around 11:30 at night and I haven't posted yet, I begin to panic. And if I can't think of anything to post (which happens, sometimes) it gets worse. Still, I haven't posted just for the sake of posting yet...something always comes up.

And if I may suggest, post more about comics! That's gotten you a bunch of clickthroughs from the Women In Comics site, and some of those clickthroughs may become regular readers. Speaking of comics, why not post about what you do for Halloween? That's very cool, and I've never heard of anyone else doing it...and if more people did it, just think of the implications.

Ashley said...

Well you could always NaJoWriMo. I made that up for National Journal Writing Month. It would be like blogging but without anyone reading it.
I know two things for sure. The first is that you better do NaNoWriMo or BloPoMo or something. And the second is that we need to get back to work on Behind the Naugahyde!

Harold- You could do NaBloPoMo since you practically post everyday anyway.
And I will try post more about comics. They are what I really love but I hardly ever write about them.