Saturday, October 21, 2006

I actually want my rejection notice! Please!

Not to rant, but... you know what really annoys the hell out of me? When a magazine's submission guidelines say please include a SASE(self addressed stamped envelope) for a reply to your submission and then when you send one and the only reply you get is a subscription order form. No rejection letter at all, not even one little generic line of thanks but no thanks. I paid 39 cents for a subscription form for a magazine that I wouldn't buy now because that is just rude. I didn't send the stamped envelope for that I sent it for the rejection notice.
I don't care if you throw in a subscription slip, occasionally I buy an issue if I have the money, but please put in the rejection note. I love those (not as much as acceptance letters), I collect them, I have a huge folder full of them. They remind me that I am trying and that I need to work harder. That's why I pay the 39 cents.
I'm sorry my complaining probably sounds stupid but it really annoyed me.

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D.B. Echo said...

Sounds like a ripoff to me. You should go to a writer's forum site and see if anyone else has gotten the same sort of response from these companies. Maybe that's all they do - save themselves postage by using YOUR stamps to send out THEIR subscription forms. It reminds me of a friend who had a birthday party for her daughter, and these kids showed up with a card, and in the card, instead of even a nominal amount of money to help defray the cost of the party, was an invitation to THEIR birthday which, of course, she was expected to bring a card. With money.