Monday, June 19, 2006

Not my friends

Despite the return of hot weather I have been working on my writing. Currently I'm working on the comic I think I mentioned before that's about a realistic superhero story.

Using MySpace I found a comic publishing company right here in Lansing that takes script submissions without art. And it's run by a woman! So I plan on pulling a submission together and sending it out. The company she runs does a lot of comicons. They'll be at Motor City Comicon and Wizard World Chicago. Between those two shows and a friendly mySpace message that mentions I bought some of their comics(I'll be ordering it when I get paid on Friday), perhaps I can make a business connection and get a comic published.

Speaking of myspace. I joined for networking and have added a few college and high school friends, but in the past few weeks I have gotten quite a few friend request from random guys. I check their profiles to see if I know them. They all seem to have hundreds of friends that are all girls in bikinis and those girls have thousands of friends. Then the guys will actually e-mail me saying things like "are you gonna friend me or what?". No, I'm not gonna friend you. I am not a myspace whore. If you want to be my friend and I don't know you, tell me why you want to be my friend and then I'll decide.
I'm not sure if myspace is worth it sometimes. Yikes!

Currently listening to: Kelly Clarkson-Breakaway(album)
Just finished reading: Ms. Marvel Issues #2-4
Just started reading: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown


D.B. Echo said...

I'm getting the same thing at MySpace, only it's from the bikini-clad girls with 672 "friends". In one day I received two identically-worded messages from two different women talking about how we "cool kids" should stick together. I also received a friend request from someone local who has 66 friends...there's something about that one that seems familiar, but her profile (which features a picture of a dog with devil horns and lists hobbies like "feces sculpting") is intentionally bizarre.

Over at I keep receiving messages from lovely young ladies in Russia who are eagerly seeking American men - object: matrimony.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some business to conduct with the widow of the former Nigerian Minister for Culture. Seems she needs some help getting her husband's life savings safely out of the country...

jenni said...

LOL! Oh the spam of MySpace! I configured my profile so that all messages to my wall/blog require permission from me. Seemed like a great idea until essays were due - I had a gajillion messages from my students going "What was the symbolism of the valley of ashes?!" that I had to either accept/deny.