Thursday, March 09, 2006

Kreeg:Writer's Best Fan

It's a dark and stormy night. The perfect weather to write my terrifying story for class. The perfect time to write it since it's due on Friday. Yet as I sit down and try to type I find myself too preoccupied with things today. Last night I felt the same way and managed to type a few pages after posting on this blog. Maybe tonight will be a repeat.

I realized that I have never posted a picture on my blog. There are pictures on my live journal about my everyday life but there really aren't pictures about my writing. Tonight I realized that there are pictures of my biggest fan. While he may not be fond of my work, he watches every word I type.

Sorry he kind of blends. I could have taken the picture in a better light but I took it from my seat at my desk where I write, or pretend to anyway. He watches me the whole time. I can't close my office door, even to block out the real world and get into writer's mode. He won't whine he just bangs at the door handle as if he is trying to get in. He's not happy being locked in the office with me. Although sometimes he sits next to the desk. One thing's for sure, I never worry that he's going to tell me my work sucks. So bloggers let me be the first to introduce you to Kreeg!

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jenni said...

You're so lucky that your companion animal is supportive of your endeavors... my cats either don't care about my writing altogether or they walk all over the keyboard of my laptop and mess it up.