Saturday, February 11, 2012

Finally finished.

I finally finished 'Hey Man' after working on it little by little for over a year. Writing group is suppose to meet tomorrow so ideally, I will get some final feed back on it and then start editing.
In other news, our house hunt has resumed. Last year our house search lasted 5 months, with 2 agents, 4 offers, viewing 16 houses and still no house.
Today we started with another agent. We went to view 3 houses and couldn't get into 2 of them. The 3rd house we didn't really love. So the search continues.
Also, I tried to buy tickets to see Elton John and they had sold out within 2o minutes. Bummer.
So to sum up my day so far. Story finishing=good. House hunting=okay. Ticket buying=bad.
Now off to clean the house and hopefully go to dinner with my husband for an early Valentine's Day celebration.
Until next time!

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