Sunday, January 22, 2012

How long?

My writing group finally got together. It's the first time since November. The month of December always seems near impossible to meet, particularly this year when both Christmas and New Year's fell on Sunday.
While our meetings have been somewhat less frequent the last few years, I am thankful for writing group. It is really the only thing that has kept me writing. Of course, once again I put my work off to the last minute. However, today I thought I might actually finish the story that I started working on about a year ago.
It's a comedy, that was suppose to be sci-fi and still kind of is, but not really. And the best title I have come up with for it so far is Hey Man. Can you tell the creative juices have definitely been flowing?
Well, the more I wrote the more I dug myself into a whole and couldn't figure out how to end it. Then last week, knowing that writing group was fast approaching, I started working on it on my lunch. But then I came up with an even better conclusion. Unfortunately, this idea needed research so it would have to wait.
I should have went to work on it right away but first I had to go to the circus with my niece, which was awful due to a poorly planned seating arrangement that I could complain about for hours but won't. Then my husband and I were off to our aunt's 50th birthday party.
So I woke up this morning and researched, then started cranking it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough time before writing group. They only received half a scene and I have still yet to finish my story. Hopefully, I actually finish it before the morning of our next meeting.

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Bethanne said...

Last minute! we all get that way sometimes. Creating a balance to work on writing amidst what seems to be everything else... [why does writing have to go up against everything else, anyway?!]'s not easy.

Good luck and Happy Writing!