Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Short Version

Okay, aside from meeting with writing group once and writing a few paragraphs of my monthly short story (I'm still working on February's and I don't think it will be done in time for March, yikes!) I haven't done much writing this month.
There's never any excuse not to write but I feel like my life has been crazy the last month. So here's a quick version of what's happened since the end of February.

Last week of February: I applied for a promotion at my job, had surgery on my foot, and sat at home doing absolutely nothing do to combination of crutches, ice outside, pain killers and discomfort.
First week of March: Still sitting at home, getting second hand stories from people at work about how the retail managers are arguing with the processing managers about why I should or should not get the promotion. Apparently, I'm so awesome at my job, everybody wants me!
Mid-way through the first week I am finally able to move around!!! And find out at the end of the week that I got the promotion.
Second week of March: I get the all clear to go back to work but I have to wear an air cast. The company will keep me at my old job until I'm off restriction. The next day the transmission in my car dies. It's blue book value with working transmission=$900. Cost to fix transmission=$1600. All of this adds up to buying a new car. After some rejection and drama from the loan department, I get a 2001 Ford Focus with only 62,000 miles. Previously owned by a little old lady who hardly drove it!
Mid-way through this week I go back to work and they already have my replacement, who was filling in for me while I was on leave, so there's basically nothing for me to do except listen to everybody make me feel bad for wanting to leave.
Third week of March: Working at old job, not as manager but as regular staff. I get assigned to put away all the product, which has me walking 15,000 steps a day (about 6 miles) on a foot that has just been pinned back together. So I spent most of my time coming home and not all.
Mid-way through this week, I go to a meeting at my new job and find out my cousin works there. I tell my supervisor and they almost don't let me have the promotion. Finally, they work it out and say I can still go. Then I get a phone call from a friend about a job...a good job.
Fourth week of March: I start my new job and even though I'm suppose to be the manager, I am being trained in stuff I've already been doing by the staff. Not by my boss or the person I'm replacing, I'm being trained by the staff, which I think is the worst position you can put a manager in. So the new position starts off really bad. Oh, and did I mention the half hour we spent in a meeting going over how everyone has to wear a bra to work?! The next day, I go to the doctor and can now wear Brooks walking shoes (bye $100)! I go back to work to do more of the same.
Mid-way through the week: I'm still training on hanging clothes and the staff member training me tells me I'm not good at it! Maybe I'm not good at it because I don't want to be. If they knew I was good at it, they would bump me down to minimum wage and make me a full-time hanger!
And that brings us to yesterday, when I found out I for sure got the new job! They want me to start as soon as possible so there wasn't a lot of reason for me to stay two weeks at my other job. What's the point in spending two weeks training me only for me to leave.
I am done and next Monday, I start my new job. Hopefully, a job I will like much better. I guess time will tell.

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