Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Wrap Up

Christmas was pretty awesome this year. Well, except for the part where I scratched my eye and I couldn't keep it open, be in really bright light or keep it from spraying out tears. Fortunately, that's better now.

I had a lot of fun spending time with friends and family and I got some pretty awesome stuff. I think the best part about this year was that my two favorite gifts weren't even new but just really thoughtful.

The first gift was a giraffe necklace that Ed got me when we went to the zoo and fed the giraffe's this summer. I broke the string and bead necklace it was on and then when I went to put the charm on a new chain I broke the loop off the charm. When I opened my gift on Christmas it was my giraffe charm with a new loop and a beautiful silver chain.

My other awesome gift was from my boyfriends parent's. They saw our new place earlier this year and noted our large office with little furniture. We have a computer desk but I mentioned that I had no where to write long hand, which I actually prefer to do. (I know. I'm crazy.) So they got me an antique writing desk, which has a really cool story to it that is worthy of it's own post. Perhaps tomorrow. At this moment I'm still trying to figure out how to get it home.

Right now I'm rockin' out to a stack of 80's CD's and my eye is better today so I can actually enjoy my disco ball. Two more of my awesome Christmas gifts!

I also got a really cool purse that's big enough for a notebook and/or book but isn't one of those fashionably obnoxious things. And I got my traditional dog calendar and lotion basket. My dad also added a Snuggy/Slanket to my pile of gifts. And I got Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince...on BluRay but I exchanged it for regular DVD. Of course Ed thought the more sensible thing to have done would have been to buy a PlayStation 3 since those play BluRay.

Tomorrow I go back to work after 4 days off. And the last week of the year is the busiest week of the year for donations. People want to get their 2009 tax receipt so our donors will be quadruple the usual for the rest of the year. Sounds fun, huh?

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