Thursday, June 04, 2009

Trying to help

I know I'm suppose to be writing something new right now but I got sidetracked by another project. A friend of mine recently started writing and posted a story about a week or so ago. He asked for feedback and mentioned that everyone seemed to just give him "good job" comments. He was hoping for something a little more helpful. So I read through the story in the few minutes I had to spare over the last few weeks and I found that I actually had a lot of comments that might be helpful. So I circled and scribbled over the pages and figured I'd get it back to him in a timely fashion. I haven't yet though.
My concern is that I'm not very successful in the writing business, so why would anyone take advice from me? Well, I'm an avid reader for one but still. The advice I'm giving I've learned from classes, books, editor comments and fellow writers but I'm trying to find text to prove I'm not just making this stuff up or that it's not just my own personal preference. So now this project is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. My friend will probably have given up on his story or gotten it published by the time I get all my information gathered and thoughts in order.

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A. Grey said...

Hey, I'm not very successful in the writing business either (yet) but in my opinion, you don't need to be in order to give feedback on something. True, if the writer is going to change every little thing you have a problem with, and treat you as a guideline more than a friend giving feedback, it could get awkward. But on the whole, I'd be happy to get feedback from anyone, professional or not. After all, a reader's feedback can be very important, since readers are the folks that put novels in demand. You'd be surprised how much information you opinion could generate, just by making the writer think about what you said.