Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Starting a project

Right now I'm in a debate about what to work on next. I could start a story that I've had outlined for a few years or I could work with something I already have.

The first story, I got the idea from a song and shortly after wrote up some story outlines and summaries. I had thought it would be a comic book or movie script, but now I'm thinking I could make it into a novel. It's a horror story, I think. It kind of walks a fine line but I really have no other idea what category I would put it in.

My other option is turning my comic script for Incognito, into a prose story. I'm not sure if I could make a whole book out of it. I wrote it as a comic book script many years ago but was never able to find any success with it being published comic book style. It's a satiric look at female superheroes and it's funny.

Either way, both stories are not literary, which is good, because I'm giving up on that. And no matter what I decide I better do it fast because I need to have something done before writing group next week! Eek!

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