Thursday, July 10, 2008

Give it up?

With my computer down, I've been hard at work on other stuff. Thankfully, I had a full printed out version of Going It Alone.
However, the more I edit it the more I think it's an insane mess. It might be time to just let it go. There's just too many bits and pieces. Too many different formats. Too many different perspectives. Too many different stories, which means too many different characters. I just think it's too hard to follow.
There are a few scenes that are good, but I could always use those later in other works or perhaps I could add a little to make them into short stories. And then there are the short stories themselves. I still have the five short stories that can definitely stand alone without the whole novel. So it wouldn't all be a loss.
I'm just having a really difficult time with the connecting story. I feel it's too boring. And part of it was suppose to be journal entries and the other part third-person narration. I tried changing it all to third-person narration because it all seemed a bit much, but I'm still not sure.
I'm not sold on the idea of being done with it. Perhaps I'll pass it around to the writing group and get their thoughts.

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Missy said...

Hey dude, I don't have your email, but check out this post.

PS I'd keep working on it a bit. Get some feedback, see where that takes you.