Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've been reading for months. Now it's time ot write.

Yes, I was suppose to have a post about something to do with my future and what I will do alongside writing, but I've been hard at work on other things so I haven't gotten around to it.

I started what I thought would be another quick short story but it's turning out a lot longer than I expected. I'm thinking it might be over 20,000 words. At what point does it become a novel?
It's a story that has a lot to do with me and a relationship in my life. So it's kind of like therapy and it's helping me to work out my problems. I've put all other writing aside because I feel the need to write it right now.

I've had plenty of time to write now that I finally finished the Sword of Truth series. I'm no longer obsessed with these ridiculously long books. I can't go with things unresolved in my head no matter how bad the books are. So I muddled through the eleven books. The first four were pretty good aside from being way too wordy and repetitive. The fifth and sixth were okay. The seventh and eight were completely pointless. The seventh one didn't even feature any of the main characters until the last 100 pages. The last three too the series back to pretty good. I just felt like the whole series clubbed me over the head with politic speeches and constantly reminding me what happened, not only in previous books, but what happened in the book that I was reading.
Also I felt like there was a lot of detail, almost too much. There were pages describing one room. I try to hold by a rule that I read in Stephen King's On Writing, which says to walk into the room and write the five most important things. Terry Goodkind could have moved his books along a lot faster if he had went by that. In the end I started skimming through quite a bit.
I really did like the characters. If not for them I might seriously have given up, but I had to know what happened to them.

Well, all reading is a writing lesson and I felt like these books were a good lesson.

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