Monday, December 17, 2007

Where is everybody?

So much for the meeting. I was late, no one else showed up. We communicate mostly through e-mail but I sent them my cell number a few times so I was a little annoyed that no called to say "hey, where are you?" or "sorry, I can't make it". I would have done them that courtesy if I had any of their numbers.
Holiday festivities will fill the next two weeks, after that I'm going back to night shifts. All of which will make it even more impossible to find a time we can all meet. I feel the meetings may be coming to an end. They lasted a lot longer than I expected when we finally managed to start meeting this summer. I should just be thankful that they happened at all because for awhile I doubted even that would happen.
It might be time to look into an online writing group. It makes finding time a lot easier.

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