Sunday, December 16, 2007

Behind the Bahumbug

Once November ends I become a serious slacker when it comes to posting. Sorry, but the holidays keep me running around like a crazy person. Not to mention that my work schedule is crazy due to vacations and major changes.

While I've been working I've gotten tons of work done. I have worked so much on editing Going It Alone, I'm sick of reading it at this point.
I've also gotten a lot of submissions done on a few different things and if I finish up this post in a timely fashion I may continue on them tonight.
And I think we're attempting to have a writer's group meeting tomorrow so I've been finishing up the second half of the story I took last time. Hopefully, we end up meeting.

In other news, my store's Christmas party was today and it was somewhat festive. I've been isolated from everyone lately being at another store and I kind of felt left out. My party going experience became more glum when my boss gave me unfortunate news.
For anyone who doesn't know, we're moving the store, that means we'll no longer be in the place with the green Naugahyde curtains that inspired the title and several events in Behind the Naugahyde.
When I first heard this news I asked if I could have one of the six curtains and my boss said yes. Bonus because not only would I want it for the madness of it but Jenni and I had always thought it would be cool if we ever got Behind the Naugahyde published we could have our book photo taken with us standing behind the curtain. And then that lying butthead told me today I could not have the curtain because he has to return the store in good condition. As if the landlord would care if we removed the ugly green curtains that do not match the ugly pink carpet! Jerk! So now Jenni and I have two weeks, with the holiday madness in full swing, to find time for her to drive up here and take the pictures if we ever want to.
And if Jenni is reading this now it's the first time she's heard this unpleasant news but she knows my boss so she probably expected nothing less.

Just saw: I Am Legend
Just finished reading: Debt of Bones by Terry Goodkind
Currently reading: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov
Newest link added to my sidebar: Melissa Donovan's Writing Forward
Line under blog title changed to: "How's that novel comin'?" (it's why most people find this page and I'm working on a novel(s). It just seemed to fit.)
Craziest google search that lead to this blog in recent days: time after time lyrics harry potter say you


Ian Castruita said...

Hey Ashley - this Behind the Naugahyde book looks to be right up my alley - I hope I get to buy it soon!

Ashley said...

Thanks Ian- I hope you get to buy it soon too! We're working on wrapping it up.