Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Writing group hopefullness

Thanks everyone for wanting to come to my writing group. Everyone reading this is invited to stop by. Maybe one day we can have a meeting near Tiffany and Jenni's corner of the state. I'm not sure about a writing group road trip to Pennsylvania but anything is possible.
Seriously, though, anyone that wants to come by just let me know and I'll give you all the details. I have a feeling the details may vary week to week in my attempt to have people actually show up, otherwise I'd just post them. For now the meetings will be on Monday evenings but that could change. And I've already got one person that I kind of sort of know that might be able to make it next week.
To me a 'might' is better than a 'will be there' followed by a 'no show'. If that makes any sense. A 'might' doesn't get my hopes up to have them smashed. Anyway, I got to thinking that maybe someone did show up but didn't approach me or didn't know it was me because I was solo and not a group as they had expected. Of course, I did give them plenty of ways to know who I was and one of them I had a class with a few years ago. Besides they should know that a group starts with one person and isn't a group until some else steps up. I don't know. I e-mailed them all saying no hard feelings and feel free to stop by next week. I haven't heard anything from them. With the two that answered my ad, I just don't understand it's not like they would say they would be there to spare my feelings or to help me out. They contacted me about it. Oh well, no time to dwell.
According to Jenni, I got a cool post out of it yesterday and I have people potentially coming from out of town and out of state. I have to love that! Even if they don't stop by it's still a very nice thought.
So despite the pitiful writing group yesterday, I feel good today. I've got hope that the writing group will get better and that's good enough for me.

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