Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Questionnaires and work

I wasn't going to post today because I had absolutely nothing to write about. However, I didn't want to go more than a week without posting in fear that people would give up on my little blog and I would lose the few readers I have managed to get.

So what's been going on in my world of writing? Well I did manage to get my written interview done for the novel I plan on starting. I would have preferred face-to-face interviews but the people I plan on asking the questions all have very crazy schedules that pretty much include them working while I'm working. And somehow I don't see my boss giving me time off to do research on a novel. Anyway, since I had to give written questionnaires now I have to hope that somebody sends it back and in a timely fashion. I don't want to call people bugging them when they are graciously helping me out. I did include self-addressed stamped envelopes so hopefully that helps.

I finally got around to typing up the few pages of Behind the Naugahyde that I managed to write at work the last few weeks but nothing new yet. I thought this week at work would be a great time to get writing done since I wouldn't have to worry about my boss coming in but unfortunately that's not the case. I had to spend the last two days calling a woman asking to charge $50 to her credit card because of a mistake an employee made this weekend. I wish it had been just one mistake but it was four mistakes that cost the store about $200 total. So I didn't get to write because first I had to figure out what happened then try to fix it. Thankfully my boss is in Mexico and will hopefully come back in a very good mood, doubtful but you never know. And no I'm not mad that I actually had to work at work. I just hate having to be the one to tell employees they messed up and tell customers 'we need our money back'. It's not fun. Good book material but seriously not enjoyable in anyway.

And of course nothing else got done this weekend while I had time off. I attended a funeral and a wedding on Saturday which was definitely a first for me.
This weekend coming up is going to be hectic with Easter on Sunday and I'm going to see RENT on Saturday. That means I better get something done during the week.

Just watched: Dancing with the Stars
Just saw: Blades of Glory
Finally read: 52 #40-45 (I know I'm still behind)

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