Thursday, April 19, 2007

Answers to questions

Yesterday, I went to the LAAN (Lansing Area AIDS Network) volunteer appreciation party and was so excited to get my first responses to my written interview/surveys that I handed out. The volunteer coordinator said he had been working on it all day and his answers were great. They were just the kind of information I was looking for.
Of course now the pressure's on because I had to tell people why I wanted them to answer these questions so they know I'm writing a novel. That means I actually have to write it now. I can't back out of it and I have to do a good job too. I'm excited about the questionnaires, though. My hope is to realistically write about HIV, those who have it and the way it has affected our society, and hopefully do that well. That's why I've been asking for help from people who have dealt with it so much.
Although, I was a little bit worried about it because I asked some really crazy questions about "what if" scenarios. I thought they might think that I thought those "what if" situations were good ideas. Unfortunately, when writing fiction, you have to think like the good person and the bad person. Otherwise it gets kind of boring.

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