Thursday, May 14, 2009

A new game plan

I wrote a little last night. It's not really a story more just some thoughts about my current employment situation. It's me venting about the bad things in life. It borderlines on that literary fiction that I said I was done with. I need to be done with all of those stories I wrote while my life was at an all time low. I'm there anymore.

What to do next? Should I edit and send out one of my short fantasy stories that I had intended on submitting until I realized I had lost my latest versions?
I think that's what I'll do, then I need to start a new story. I'm thinking of a novel. It's a story I originally wanted to be a comic book. It's kind of a horror story. Once I get some thoughts down I'll share them.

Right now, I really need an FM transmitter for my iPod. The headphones give me a headache after awhile. Of course, I would also need a computer that's not next to a t.v. that's always in use. I miss my office. Four months and, hopefully, I'll get that back, maybe.

I've started update my livejournal again. If it felt like I've neglected this blog. I've hardly posted there at all, but I miss it.

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