Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Guess where I'm writing from?

If you said my desk at home you would be so correct! That's right I got a new computer. Well not new, new but that's not important. I'm so very excited yet I keep thinking I'm going to be driving to work tomorrow, the car door will fly open and the computer will fly under the wheel of a Hummer (they're quite popular where I work).

Now I just have to work on getting back my lost work but right now I need to just be happy. And I have nothing else to say since I spent all my new computer time catching up. I'll write a much better post soon. And by that I mean longer, not more entertaining


jenni said...

YAY computer! I was ready to build you one from scratch (I'm on Ashley-withdrawal!). h

Ashley said...

Jenni- Well if you can make a purse out of seatbelts, you can do anything.